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cmove CLI Tool

As a quick, lightweight alternative to the user interface or API, you can install the cmove CLI tool to work with your CryptoMove secrets from the command line. Once installed, you can use the command line for important tasks like storing and retrieving secrets from the CryptoMove key vault. You can also run commands that use CryptoMove secrets as environment variables.

To install the cmove CLI tool, open a shell for a machine which has curl installed and enter:
curl | sh

Once installed, you can get a list of commands that you can execute using the cmove tool by typing: cmove -h.

Running a command with your CryptoMove environment variables

The cmove run_in_ci command allows you to source your keys and secrets stored on CryptoMove for the command you pass into the argument.

Before running the command, you must export the following variables for your shell:

export CRYPTOMOVE_EMAIL=email_address


  • email_address is the email address you used to create an account at
  • API_token is the API access token for your CryptoMove account. To get your API token, see Access Tokens.

Once you have exported these variables, running cmove run_in_ci will import all of your secrets from CryptoMove and use them to provide the values for environment variables in the command being passed to run_in_ci. For instance, suppose you had a CryptoMove secret named NPM_TOKEN. Running the command cmove run_in_ci -c 'echo $NPM_TOKEN' will print the value of NPM_TOKEN that you have stored in the CryptoMove key vault.

cmove CLI Tool

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