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CryptoMove Tholos is a key vault and secrets management solution that protects API keys and other app secrets with fragmentation and a moving target defense. You no longer need to embed secrets in your code, with all the maintenance headaches that come with it. Neither are you stuck emailing secrets to your fellow developers, exposing secrets in plain text. With Tholos, you can store and maintain your secrets through an intuitive set of REST APIs or user interface, whichever fits your development style.

With Tholos, not only do you have the benefits of a secrets management system to manage your application's keys, but they are protected with the ultra-secure moving target defense. This patented security strategy sets Tholos apart from other secrets management solutions. Once stored, your secrets remain safe as Tholos dynamically fragments the secret data, continuously moving it across the network while re-encrypting and mutating it at every move. You can entrust your most valuable crown jewels to the Tholos key vault.

If you are using REST APIs to store and work with your secrets in Tholos, you are ready to get started. If you prefer, you can use the user interface to work with the key vault. You can also use the cmove CLI Tool to work with your secrets.


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